The Apocalypse ?

Is 2012 End of the World ?  When is the end of the World ?  Is this really apocalypse  ?
We may not need to have to worry about 2013 being the end of the World if the Mayan Calendar is be believed.  According to the Mayans, the World will cease to exist at the end of the Mayan calendar at the winter solstice, December 21, 2010.


In December 2012 the calandar will end and  technically a  cyclical calendar will roll over again to day zero, thus starting a new Maya Calendar.  This however, for many beleivers is significant as the beginning another enormous cycle, is actually going to spell the end of the World as we know ir now and the fresh start of the Earth’s amazing cycle.
Also 2012 is a key year as for the first time in 26,000 years, astronomers  believe there  will be a galactic alignment, which will have a dramatic effect on the Earth.  Some fear that the lineup will  expose Earth to powerful unknown  forces that will bring about devastation or the planet.  Others fear that another planet, Nibiru, is heading towards Earth and would either collice with teh Earth or come close enough to cause widespread distruction.

This doomsday prediction was originally predicted for 2003 but has now been predicted for 2012.
Astronomers beleive that in 2012,   the entire Milky Way (our galaxy) will align on the galactic equator.. It is thought that this rare planetary alignment could signal a shift in the magnetic poles. Can you imagine what whould happen if our poles suddenly changed direction?   All our modern navagation systems depend on the magnetic fields to work,.  Mass electrical disruption could occur and effects similar to a solar flare described previously could occur.
For many, it could be a strange coincidence that brings all the elements together to create a magnificent End of Days.   So not only does the Mayan long calendar end, but also on this exact date, the introduction of Nibiru and the solar flares could combine to bring the World to an end.

Key Questions:
So do we need to worry about the end of the world ?

The answer is a big fat yes !

When is the end of the World ?    

21st December 2012 most likely.

How will the World end

 A bit tricker this one, but Solar Flares or planet alignment are the best guess.

Can we stop the end of the World? 

No Sorry we cant. So really, we are all doomed.  Even if the Maya predication are not true and the end of the World is not scheduled for 2012, the Solar Flares of 2013 will change the way the World looks now  in the most amazing and stunning way anyway